The SPY Pre-Order Campaign

Woo-hoo! It’s time to pre-order The Spy with the Red Balloon!


I went a little overboard on this pre-order campaign, but I’m sure you all won’t complain 😉

I’m not going to reveal ALL of the characters here, but there are nine character cards: Ilse, Wolf, Max, Lily, Topher, George, Lola, Polly and Stella. Lola, Polly, Stella and George all work with Ilse at Oak Ridge and Wolf, Max, Lily and Topher are in Europe behind enemy lines. I worked with Sarah Elkins on the character art (she also did the Girl with the Red Balloon art for me!). We’re also doing a group picture together that I can’t reveal yet!

Here’s a sneak peek at the style!








We also have bookmarks! And I’ll sign them!


And… *drum roll*

Enamel pins! This is a pre-order incentive to order from an indie bookstore! If you don’t have an indie bookstore locally, you can order from mine! I’ll sign the book too! 

Here’s how it’ll work:

US & US Territory Pre-Orders (Physical or E-Book, Any Retailer)
One of each of the NINE character cards! Full set!
Signed bookmark

US & US Territory Pre-Orders (Indie Bookstores)
One of each of the NINE character cards! Full set!
One print of the whole cast together!
A Spy with the Red Balloon enamel pin!
Signed bookmark

International Pre-Orders (Any Format)
Postcard with art of the cast of The Spy with the Red Balloon

HOLD UP! I have a special incentive! Did you get your friend to pre-order the book too? Check off that box and write in your friend’s name, and I’ll send you BOTH personalized Spy postcards! (Any format of Spy, anywhere in the world!)

WAIT! Is pre-ordering out of reach? Ask your local library or school library (in writing!) to order a copy of Spy and I’ll send YOU a personalized postcard too!

I am doing this by the honor system. I’m trusting you! I paid for these (pricey!) pre-order goodies and all of the shipping out of my own pocket. Please  only fill out the form if you have pre-ordered the book or requested that your library buy it. 

If you have questions about this pre-order campaign, send me an email!