Editorial Services

I currently have openings for:

  • Query Critiques
  • Submission Packages
  • 2 full manuscripts in February
  • 2 full manuscripts in March

Thank you for considering me as your freelance editor! I’ve worked on RITA finalist romance books, books that sold to Big Five publishers, and self-published books. I’ve worked with writers still honing their craft and writers who know their craft and are looking for a fresh pair of eyes on their manuscript. Read through the below information and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me! Form at the bottom of the page.

 10% discount off full manuscript editorial services for diverse books and/or marginalized authors! For this I am using the diversity definition used by We Need Diverse Books: “LGBTQIA, people of color, gender diversity, people with disabilities, and ethnic, cultural, and religious minorities currently marginalized in North America.” Please note that you qualify for this discount in your booking request. No details needed–this goes by the honor system.

To book, please fill out my contact form at the bottom of this page. I respond within 24 hours to all requests! The formatting may appear weird on the contact form but I promise that it shows up correctly in my inbox. No need to submit more than once!

Query Letter Help ($20/round of edit)

If you’re struggling with your query letter, I can help! From just starting out and needing someone to walk you through the process, to critiquing a rough draft of a query, I’m here for you. Some queries take one round of editing, some take five. No matter what it takes, I promise you we’ll get your query in tip-top shape together.

Submission Package ($200)

If you’re getting ready to query, or you’ve been querying and you’re just getting no responses, I can help! In this package, I’ll look at your query letter, synopsis, and your first 30 pages. Just like with my query package, I’ll look at your letter 3x with this package!

Reader Report ($0.005/word) 

If you’re looking for a beta read, or just reading for a particular issue (ie a plot or structural problems), then this is the package for you! You’ll get a 1-3 page reader report, including my favorite parts and any concerns I had, along with a few examples of those concerns in text (via Word track changes.)

Full Manuscript Edit  ($0.009/word) 

In this package, I’ll go through the whole manuscript and leave comments and edits as necessary. We’ll look at character motivations, plot problems, structure, point of view, dialogue, and anything else I feel might be holding your manuscript back from being the diamond I know it can be. You’ll get a substantial edit letter as well as the opportunity for one Skype call with me (up to one hour) and a free query letter critique.

I specialize in helping writers sort out their structure, plot, pacing, and character motivations!

How to Format Your Material For Me: I prefer to receive everything double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font, with page numbers. Your document title should include your last name and the title of the book. “Query1” or “DraftThree” will get lost on my computer. I prefer everything in .doc or .docx as I use Microsoft Word. Thank you!

I can’t wait to get started with you! To book, email me through the form at the bottom of this page! Please note if the book is considered diverse (see definition at the top of this page) for your 10% discount. I respond to all requests as promptly as possible.


“I just have to tell you how WONDERFUL your edits were. You saw exactly what I was trying to accomplish with my story and made spot-on suggestions to better build it toward that goal, and your enthusiasm for the plot twists and characters helped ME feel excited, too, for a book that had too long been a source of frustration for me. You went above and beyond to point out typos and logistical/physical inconsistencies (like the mechanics of make out times, haha) as well as the big-picture elements I’d requested, and didn’t hesitate to offer original suggestions that really helped me rethink several elements that had long stymied me. In short, you are AWESOME. THANK YOU!” — Lindsay Smith, author of SEKRET, SKANDAL, and DREAMSTRIDER.

“I’m so happy I found you and your Big Picture Package. Your attention to detail picked up on things I totally missed, and your suggestions and examples provided solutions that made the story and characters more layered and powerful. Your thoughtful and enthusiastic comments made me laugh, tear up and make changes that thoroughly improved my story. It was truly thrilling to read your excited comments about the characters and relationships within the story. I’m honestly over the moon that you loved my story so much and so excited with how the story turned out after implementing your edits. Thank you so much!” – Jen Wilde, author of QUEENS OF GEEK (Swoon Reads/Macmillan 2017)

Ready to book? Great!

I am a freelance editor, not a writing teacher. Please take this into consideration when you’re deciding if you’re ready for this level of edits!

I work on full novel-length manuscripts. If you’re looking for a short story editor, please reach out to Kat Howard or E.C. Myers, both excellent and trustworthy.

If you’re looking for a copyeditor, I recommend Kim Eun-Byeol. You can find more information and rates here.