Farewell and Hello: Reflecting on the Year Past, Goals for the Year Present

In 2015, I published three books, submitted one, negotiated debuting (for better or for worse), made friends, lost friends, ended one dayjob, moved, started a new dayjob, started freelance editing, got involved in a large literary community brawl, wrote as a freelance blogger, went to a new conference, took care of my mental health, started and ended a relationship with someone I care deeply about, and learned. Learned so much. I read 61 books, most of which I loved.

I struggled with mental health, honesty, time management, focus, optimism, rejection, disappointment, and life upheaval.

I have always struggled with setting and achieving goals. I keep working on this.

This year, I made this list and shared with writer friends (and just plain friends) Tristina Wright and Nita Tyndall. This is slightly edited because publishing/secrets 😉

1. I would like to write my next romance book by the end of February to stay on track for its plans.
2. I’d like to write another YA this year–waiting to discuss my WIPs with my agent in early February to see which she likes best!
3. I would like to draft a middle grade novel and a picture book.
4. I would like to only take on TWO freelancing projects a month and actually stick to that.
5. I would like to limit my social media to 4 hours a day or less and stick hard to my Friday to Saturday Shabbos social media breaks. And also start fewer Twitter fights.
6. I would like to blog here at least once a week.
7. I would like to write one or two posts for a bigger site (like The Toast, xoJane, etc)
8. I would like to write 10k a week. However that happens is fine. But I would like a 10k a week goal.
9. I would like to take a vacation by myself somewhere, on my own, because I am very bad at being by myself, off the grid, and I think it’s important for me to learn this.
10. I would like to read 100 books, so that means I need to read 40 more than last year. That’s a lot.
11. I would like to read 1 nonfiction book every month.
12. I would like to write, workshop, and revise a short story, potentially for publication.
What are your goals?

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  1. Usagi says:

    hi, are you planning to unlock your twitter account eventually? i assume it was made protected for a reason and if you want to keep it that way, that’s fine and obviously your choice as it’s your twitter, but it’s easier for me to follow you there and I’m actually very interested in doing so. 🙁

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