YA Buccaneers Spring Bootcamp Monday #3

They’re saying it’s the second Monday technically but they’re counting check ins and okay really, it’d just drive me NUTS if I had two Monday #2s 😉 Last week I set the goal of revising 20k more words on magicballoonbook. 


A valid question would be: Katie, were you high? How delusional can you be? Because I even noted that my next section was almost all rewrites hiding under the mask of ‘revisions’. So no, of course I didn’t write 20k in a week (I haven’t even have a 10k day in FOREVER. Ugh). I fixed two and a half really really messy chapters, entire rewrites, cusp of major revelations, building on foreshadowing in previous chapters, etc. That totaled about 10k revised/rewritten.


I also did some writer-self-care last week. I wrote 4k of fanfic crossover between the book I have out querying now and my CP’s book (there’s actually an easter egg crossover between our books that I hope will survive whenever we sell them!) and sent it to her for fun. And I took a night off writing completely which I almost never do. But I really needed that.

I also really needed the pick me up that came in the form of a CP starting to read the 30k I sent to them last week and saying that my hard work showed and it was very very polished. 


So now tonight, I’m tackling what should be a really fun fantastic chapter to write and then a chapter that’s fun and not just because it takes two SUPER HAPPY characters and puts them on a street littered with dead bodies. 


So, I continue to realize that I need to make my goals more realistic is the bottom line of this Monday check in. Again. Sigh. 

Over the next week, I want to fix/rewrite 3 chapters of Magicballoonbook. That seems to be the going pace and I don’t foresee an unusual amount of free time this time. At this rate, I’ll finish these revisions in 3 weeks, which seems pretty reasonable. That’ll keep me on track to query this in May/June depending on CP feedback. (Alternatively, I won’t need to query this? Oh god, that’d be kind of beautiful. But no, must remain realistic and say I’m querying this in late May/June.)

I’d still like to do Camp NaNoWriMo in April with Five of Hearts but I might have to lower my optimistic word count goal on that. We’ll see, I guess. Maybe a miracle will happen and Magicballoonbook will revise itself. 




6 thoughts on “YA Buccaneers Spring Bootcamp Monday #3

  1. Lindsay says:

    Hey, for having to completely gut/rewrite major sections, that sounds like some AWESOME progress! Great work!

    I think I am going to do Camp NaNoWriMo because I am a) ridiculous and b) under a self-imposed deadline for this adult book (for reasons directly related to a). Let me know if you decide to, as well!

    • Katie L says:

      Thank you! It’s steady progress, which is at least a relief. I keep calling them revisions but basically the 15k-80k mark of this book is an entire rewrite. I’m in denial because calling it a rewrite sounds way more daunting.

      You *are* ridiculous but hopefully CampWriMo helps you meet that deadline. I will absolutely let you know. Last year I was working on magicballoonbook so it’d be nice to finish that in April :p Full circle!

  2. Heidi Sinnett says:

    I love that someone else has completely unrealistic goals when it comes to writing! 🙂 But really, I think you’re right about sometimes needing a break, and giving yourself some time off. It can make a difference to how you look at things, and how you feel.

    Good luck with your three chapters this week. That’s a great goal!

    (And sorry about the confusing double Monday check ins…..we’re a crazy bunch of Pirates!)

    • Katie L says:

      Naw, it was a labeling issue. I labeled my joining the bootcamp post as Monday #1 so now that’s messed me up and I’m super neurotic that way.

      A night off was so fantastic. I usually have to write every single day or internal demon of self doubt takes over. I have to type him into submission 😉 But I’ve read so little since I started revisions that I needed that break.

  3. Bridgid Gallagher (@bridgidlee) says:

    I love the gifs! 🙂 Also this, “A valid question would be: Katie, were you high? How delusional can you be?” Bwhahaaha. I can’t even tell you (selective memory) the number of times I’ve made goals that were 1 million percent unrealistic. That’s pretty much my m.o.

    Anyhow! I think it’s amazing and awesome that you revised/rewrote about 10K this week (wow!!) plus all of that other positive-sounding stuff. That’s pretty amazing. Especially to me, since I’m moving at a snail’s pace through my own revisions. Le sigh. Best of luck with what you have lined up for next week!

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