YA Buccaneers Spring Bootcamp Monday #3

They’re saying it’s the second Monday technically but they’re counting check ins and okay really, it’d just drive me NUTS if I had two Monday #2s 😉 Last week I set the goal of revising 20k more words on magicballoonbook. 


A valid question would be: Katie, were you high? How delusional can you be? Because I even noted that my next section was almost all rewrites hiding under the mask of ‘revisions’. So no, of course I didn’t write 20k in a week (I haven’t even have a 10k day in FOREVER. Ugh). I fixed two and a half really really messy chapters, entire rewrites, cusp of major revelations, building on foreshadowing in previous chapters, etc. That totaled about 10k revised/rewritten.


I also did some writer-self-care last week. I wrote 4k of fanfic crossover between the book I have out querying now and my CP’s book (there’s actually an easter egg crossover between our books that I hope will survive whenever we sell them!) and sent it to her for fun. And I took a night off writing completely which I almost never do. But I really needed that.

I also really needed the pick me up that came in the form of a CP starting to read the 30k I sent to them last week and saying that my hard work showed and it was very very polished. 


So now tonight, I’m tackling what should be a really fun fantastic chapter to write and then a chapter that’s fun and not just because it takes two SUPER HAPPY characters and puts them on a street littered with dead bodies. 


So, I continue to realize that I need to make my goals more realistic is the bottom line of this Monday check in. Again. Sigh. 

Over the next week, I want to fix/rewrite 3 chapters of Magicballoonbook. That seems to be the going pace and I don’t foresee an unusual amount of free time this time. At this rate, I’ll finish these revisions in 3 weeks, which seems pretty reasonable. That’ll keep me on track to query this in May/June depending on CP feedback. (Alternatively, I won’t need to query this? Oh god, that’d be kind of beautiful. But no, must remain realistic and say I’m querying this in late May/June.)

I’d still like to do Camp NaNoWriMo in April with Five of Hearts but I might have to lower my optimistic word count goal on that. We’ll see, I guess. Maybe a miracle will happen and Magicballoonbook will revise itself. 




6 thoughts on “YA Buccaneers Spring Bootcamp Monday #3

  1. Hey, for having to completely gut/rewrite major sections, that sounds like some AWESOME progress! Great work!

    I think I am going to do Camp NaNoWriMo because I am a) ridiculous and b) under a self-imposed deadline for this adult book (for reasons directly related to a). Let me know if you decide to, as well!

    1. Thank you! It’s steady progress, which is at least a relief. I keep calling them revisions but basically the 15k-80k mark of this book is an entire rewrite. I’m in denial because calling it a rewrite sounds way more daunting.

      You *are* ridiculous but hopefully CampWriMo helps you meet that deadline. I will absolutely let you know. Last year I was working on magicballoonbook so it’d be nice to finish that in April :p Full circle!

  2. I love that someone else has completely unrealistic goals when it comes to writing! 🙂 But really, I think you’re right about sometimes needing a break, and giving yourself some time off. It can make a difference to how you look at things, and how you feel.

    Good luck with your three chapters this week. That’s a great goal!

    (And sorry about the confusing double Monday check ins…..we’re a crazy bunch of Pirates!)

    1. Naw, it was a labeling issue. I labeled my joining the bootcamp post as Monday #1 so now that’s messed me up and I’m super neurotic that way.

      A night off was so fantastic. I usually have to write every single day or internal demon of self doubt takes over. I have to type him into submission 😉 But I’ve read so little since I started revisions that I needed that break.

  3. I love the gifs! 🙂 Also this, “A valid question would be: Katie, were you high? How delusional can you be?” Bwhahaaha. I can’t even tell you (selective memory) the number of times I’ve made goals that were 1 million percent unrealistic. That’s pretty much my m.o.

    Anyhow! I think it’s amazing and awesome that you revised/rewrote about 10K this week (wow!!) plus all of that other positive-sounding stuff. That’s pretty amazing. Especially to me, since I’m moving at a snail’s pace through my own revisions. Le sigh. Best of luck with what you have lined up for next week!

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