Long Time, No Post!

I quit one job, started a new one, decided to move, went to a book conference, was in one wedding (as a bridesmaid ;)), and attended another, all in the last six weeks since I posted. So it’s been busy! I’ve been online, of course, tweeting away, but at a loss for what to blog about.


Foster kitten Hugo is almost a year old and he’s turning into a very handsome cat. This photo has nothing to do with this blog post. I’m just in love with his mug.

I’ve read some incredible books (namely, ATTACHMENTS by Rainbow Rowell and THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE by Neil Gaiman) and I’m knee deep in a few others (I’m absolutely loving TELL THE WOLVES I’M HOME by Carol Rifka Brunt).

I’m at the same point in two of my WIPs: about 65k. I hit the SAME problem point in every WIP in that the actual crisis point is hard for me to write. And it’s not for the lack of knowing what must happen or improper set up, I think? I know it. I’ve outlined it. I’ve built the suspense. I really get blocked writing my final crisis points. I can write before and afters well, but there’s some strange issue even when I know what must happen. So I’m trying to work through those issues.

In the back of my head, I’m brainstorming a new YA fantasy series, hopefully a quartet. I have about 10k of the first and last books written and I have all four books lightly outlined, the first book very thoroughly outlined. I’m trying to hold off on that project until I manage to finish those other two WIPs. I don’t want to get into the habit of not finishing WIPs again. This means I still haven’t finished anything in a year, so I need to convince myself I can still slog through. I’m slogging!

This is just to say I’m alive, reading, writing, and busy with life stuff. I move to a new house in August and I’m really excited to settle in there. Enough that I’ll probably blog PICTURES of adapting a house to a house accommodating cats with special needs. 


This is my resident cat, Jupiter, who has cerebellar hypoplasia and feline lower urinary tract disease with crystals aka he’s one of those cats for whom I must adapt the new house.


2 thoughts on “Long Time, No Post!

  1. abwestrick says:

    About getting blocked… I’m with you… I get it. A few months ago, writer Valley Haggard told me that to get past these points, she writes, “I can’t do this, but if I were going to do it, this is what I’d say…” Then she writes, even though she can’t. Later she edits out the junk. For me, I go into the details of a moment… a smell… a speck of glitter from a birthday card… a nicked edge of kitchen counter… the taste of metal. I over-write the scene. Later I pare it down. Good luck!

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