Back from Hiatus

Not that too many people follow me 😉 but I disappeared. 

Partially because I usually catch up on the writing community at work since I don’t have internet at home and that job ended.

Partially because I was stressed out over being unemployed.

Partially because I wasn’t GETTING anywhere in my writing.

Partially because I was depressed. Barely keeping my head above water depressed which would have come whether or not I had situational things in my life but situational depression + clinical depression = sinking sinking sinking.

I’m not out of my own head yet and I’m only treading water, but I feel like I can breathe a bit, and every breath I take creates space for more breaths. Acknowledging that the above list is actually a laundry list of excuses and I need to sit down, buckle down, and be a participant in the writing community as often as I write because that’s how I become BETTER is important.

So I’ve been writing, but I’m getting 1/3 of the way through a story and abandoning it so right now, I’m trying to make myself finish a project. I haven’t finished a project since June after finishing FOUR this spring. I’m working on something deeply personal and difficult to write at points, but I think it could be very good if I finish it. It’s the first one that I’m scared to show to B because it’s so raw and very close to my heart, like I’d rather query it before he saw it, but i think that’s a stupid idea.

I’m thinking about starting a writer’s group in Philadelphia for YA writers. I was part of the group, and it fell apart, and I didn’t particularly like the structure. Are you guys involved in a in-person writing group and how do you run/organize/keep yours going?

One thought on “Back from Hiatus

  1. Jake says:

    Glad you are back. I don’t follow too many writing blogs so if one person takes off I’m down like 25% percent on my fun internet things to do.
    On your writing group question, I belong to a writer group. We meet every other week and read whatever we are working on outloud and then everyone gives their opinion. The whole reading outloud thing, although embarrasing, really works and I catch much more of my mistake than I would have otherwise. The way it is structure is the person/persons who are going to read that night send their stuff out via email and everyone downloads it so they can read along and make notes (if they are fast enough, I’m not). I think it works for short things but I kind of wish we could focus more on one person at a time so we could do a lot more instead of just a chapter or so from each person because its hard to keep track of so many story lines at one time.

    I hope that helps.

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